Our Staff Teaching Piano lessons & Music Lessons:

Mrs. Donna giving piano lessons and music lessons to a group of her students

Donna Truitt (Mrs. Donna)

Mrs. Donna began teaching piano lessons and music lessons to beginners at age 16. After that, she went to Mizzou (University of Missouri, Columbia) and received degrees in Voice, Piano Pedagogy & Accompanying, and Education. Mrs. Donna taught Elementary Music for 3 years in Texas, before moving to Tennessee. A few years later, Mrs. Donna began building The Pianissimo Studio in Powell, TN. With 40 years of experience giving piano lessons, music lessons, learning, growing, and the Studio is now a thriving business with 3 employees and 40 plus students.

Donna’s teaching philosophy centers around teaching students where they are now! With today’s students, that means being innovative and creative with instruction, adapting to each child’s specific needs, changing and adapting with each child as they grow, using a variety of teaching tools from simple Flash Cards to complex apps, multi-tasking to keep students interested, training their ears and brains as well as fingers, and listening to parents and students to determine their needs. The ultimate goal of The Pianissimo Studio is to help students develop into well rounded, educated musicians who will enjoy a musical journey of some type for life AND have fun along the way! Schedule your piano lessons and music lessons today!

I hope you will decide to join our musical journey!