Mrs. Donna teaching one of her students during a piano lesson. Lessons and Classes


Lessons are designed to be fun and full of learning. Every student is unique and lessons will be tailored to their specific learning style and personal goals. Special needs students are welcome. As each student grows and changes, lessons will grow and change with them. Important elements of learning include theory, technique, music reading, improvisation, and composition. A wide variety of types and styles of music will be explored and creatively expressed.

Toddler Music Class:

This class is for ages 2-3 yr old and meets for 30 minutes once per week. In this class we do action songs, singing games, creative movement to music, drumming, piano geography, scarf songs, and much more! The goal of this class is to nurture the love of music that all children have. We focus on gross motor skill coordination, keeping a steady beat, (critical for reading and math development,)  and training the ear to listen and respond. Parents must stay during class time. When students graduate from this class, they are ready to move to the Pre-School Class. $40 per month


This class is for students 4-5-year-olds. Firstly, class meets once per week for 45 minutes.  In this class we continue to work on skills learned in the first class. Moreover, as beginners delve into the world of music symbols, written rhythm, and identifying groups of 2 and 3 black keys, they also explore playing simple pieces on the black keys, understanding finger numbers, reading 3-note pieces from the page, and engaging in improvisation. Gross motor skills begin to transfer to fine motor skills on the keyboard. $55 per month


Private Lessons with Lab are 60 minutes, and are available for students age 6 years and up. Lesson time for Primer and Level 1 is 30 minutes with the instructor, plus a bonus of 30 minutes of lab time. Times for Level 2A through Level 3A and above will be 45 minutes with the instructor and 30 minutes of Lab time. The lab will usually take place during another student’s private lesson time. Monthly group lessons are included for rhythm, ear training, and ensemble work. The second student in a family receives a 20% Discount. The third student in a family will pay $50. You can Register for a class today!

  • $95 per month for a 30-minute lesson with 30 minute Lab
  • $120 per month for a 45-minute lesson with 30 minute Lab


Online Lessons are 30-minute lessons held remotely via Zoom or Facetime. Lessons are available to those who do not reside locally, have schedule conflicts, transportation issues, staff or student illness, and many other circumstances. Firstly, if your child is under age 12, they are required to come for an in studio lesson at least twice per month. If someone in your family is sick, please do not come to the studio. Contact Donna via text at 865.679.9071 and we can move to our online lesson center. No need to miss lessons!

Our studio successfully taught all students during our spring Covid-19 quarantine. As a result, we are prepared to resume lessons online should the need arise once more. Please have arrangements for a device your child can use to connect to Zoom. In Conclusion, a successful lesson will require that the staff see the students face and fingers on the keyboard.


Each student will receive weekly private lessons and one Group Class per month. Group Classes will usually be the 2nd week of each month. A schedule will be provided to you.

*We strongly recommended that students have access to an iPad at home with iOS 9 or higher as home assignments can include pieces via the Piano Maestro app.