I am excited for each student to begin their musical journey! The FAQS page will answer many of your questions, but I am also happy to talk to you in person, by phone or online. Be sure to check out our Studio Policies, too.

Pianissimo Studio logo FAQS

Instruments and Supplies FAQs

What do I need to start lessons?

You will need an acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard. While an acoustic piano is preferable, if needed you can start lessons with a keyboard. When choosing a piano, look for one with 88 keys. Keys should be weighted or touch-sensitive. Plan on purchasing a pedal if it doesn’t already have one. I am happy to give you suggestions as well. If you have an acoustic piano, remember to tune it at least once a year. Your child cannot develop a musical ear on an out of tune piano.

Will I need to pick up my music?

I will handle getting the appropriate music needed when your child is ready. You will then reimburse me for the cost.

Lessons & Classes

When you fill out and send in the registration form, I will contact you so we can determine the best fit for your child. It may take a few lessons or classes to get them in a place that is right for them. I promise I will keep working with you and your child until we are sure he/she is in the best situation for them to learn.

Every lesson/Class will include private instruction, independent lab time using an iPad and/or keyboard, and time spent with a mentor. This change in format has resulted in each student receiving double the instruction time from previous years. Those with an iPad at home to continue this system learn 3 times more than previous years. The change in format has had remarkable results! The Studio will continue to look for creative ways to improve the learning process and the fun had during lessons/classes and practice time.

How can I support my child in lessons?

I’m so glad you asked! Please review what took place in the lesson on your way home. This helps reinforce what is expected for this week. I will always send Practice tips home from each lesson. Find out what they are and encourage your child to use them when practicing. Playing the piece from beginning to end is the worst way to practice! There are many more effective ways to practice. If your child sounds great all the time, then they are not practicing. ☺️🎹 Parents can sign up for lessons, too! It’s a great opportunity for a fun bonding time for Parent and Child, as well as modeling good practice habits.

How long does it take to learn the piano?

This question is a loaded one because it depends on so many factors such as goals and time spent practicing, The short answer? The more you practice, the better the results. Learning to play the piano or any musical instrument is a life long journey that should be enjoyed. How far you want to take the journey is up to you.

How much practice time is required?

I recommend 5 days of practice each week. The time should vary by the level of study and age of the child. A beginner might only practice 10 minutes on 5 days. The length of time practiced is not as important as the frequency of practice. A 10-minute session on 5 days is excellent for a beginner. I recommend goal-based practicing. I can give you some practice “games” and resources to help students stay on task and meet their practice goals. Examples of a goal would be to play a particular section in their piece 3 times without any mistakes or to play their piece up to tempo correctly.

Practicing should happen at least 5 days a week for adequate progress. Setting a “timer” makes practice tedious. Working toward a small goal each day works best. Playing each piece once or even 3 times is not effective in practice. Please keep in mind that children go through many developmental changes in life. Frequently when they say they want to quit, what they mean is they are bored with the current material, class type or lesson format. Working together to adapt instruction will often keep them enrolled and learning. Communication between parent, teacher, and a student is critical.

Have your child “Turn on their brain” when they start practicing. More will be accomplished if they are engaged with the learning process.

FAQs: What if we need to miss a lesson? I do not do makeup lessons.

See the Studio Policy for details. I do offer several other options if you need to miss a lesson. We can schedule a Zoom lesson if the student is available online during their normal lesson day/time. I can record a video lesson and send it to you to have the students watch at their convenience. You can try swapping your lesson time with another student. Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. Your tuition reserves your lesson day and time along with studio benefits. Makeup lessons are not an option as I can’t teach another student during your scheduled time without replacing the student altogether. I will have 2 hours free on available Fridays for emergency makeups.

What is Piano Lab?

The piano lab is an extension of a student’s lesson time but is separate from the actual lesson. It is an independent time where students can work on theory, rhythm, ear training and so on using an iPad app, computer, keyboard, etc. The addition of Lab time has tripled the amount that students learn in a semester!

What are Group Lessons or Classes FAQs?

Piano tends to be a lonely instrument. In each group lesson or class, the focus is different but the result is the same. From music activities and games, playing for each other, to learning something brand new, group lessons/classes are something students look forward to. They will make friends and gain confidence in group classes, while they learn to play the piano in groups.

FAQs What is a music camp?

In June we have music camps instead of private lessons. Students are grouped by levels and we drum, play rhythm cup games, do ear training, improvise and all sorts of other fun musical games.

FAQs Do you have recitals or other performance events?

Yes. See the Lessons and Classes tab or the Events tab.

FAQs Is there a studio registration fee?

There is a $30 Studio registration fee. You can register here.

What ages do you teach?

Pre-school classes are available for ages 2-3 years and 4-5 years. After that, age 6 through adult. See the Lessons tab for more information about the variety of lessons and classes available.

Where are you located?

216 Herrell Lane, Powell, TN 37849. Park in the gravel area on the right as you come down the drive. Walk past the hedge at the edge of the concrete driveway and turn left onto the red stone walkway. Studio entrance under the deck.

What is included in my tuition?

Yearly tuition includes a reserved spot in the studio. It also includes time spent on lesson plans and trips to the music store, Recital preparation, fees, piano tuning, prizes and awards for practice contests, prizes and awards for foundation app progress, cost of apps used in the studio, professional fees, and continuing education and many other materials and services.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. There is a 10 day grace period to turn in your tuition without penalty. If you are more than 10 days late, a $20.00 late penalty will be added to your invoice.