Discover the transformative power of music through the voices of our parents and students. At Pianissimo Studio, our testimonials speak volumes about the impact of our piano lessons. Hear firsthand how our dedicated instructors have empowered learners of all ages and skill levels to unlock their musical potential. Join our community and experience the joy of making music with Pianissimo Studio. See our testimonials below!

testimonials from pianissimo studio

Brian Hitch

Mrs. Truitt is an incredible piano teacher. She knows how to help kids learn.
-Brian Hitch (former student Testimonials)

Victor Harness

My boys took Piano lessons from Mrs. Truitt for years. She is very good with any age student. Very patient and very knowledgeable. I recommend her highly!
-Victor Harness

Michelle Tyler Baker

My daughter has been taking pre school music classes with Ms. Donna since January 2018. Ms. Donna is great with this age group providing just enough challenge balanced with patience to really make learning fun. My daughter looks forward to these class and seeing Ms. Donna and has learned so much in the last six months. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for an affordable program that challenges their child in just the right way to make learning fun.
-Michelle Tyler Baker

Joey Wenning

Ms. Donna was wonderful in the preschool piano/music group class. My girls loved going and always had so much fun. I was amazed at how much they learned too! She is patient, yet firm when needed, and very kind and compassionate. We definitely recommend her!
Joey Wenning

Halley Wardley

I took piano lessons from Donna for about 10 years, and she is the greatest piano teacher you will ever find! She genuinely cares about each of her students and works with them to figure out how they learn best. She is extremely patient, talented, and honestly makes learning the piano much more fun than it usually seems. A great way to spend 10 years of my life, and I’d spend another 10 years taking more lessons from Donna if time would allow it for me!
-Halley Wardley

Amy Jones Jackson

Donna is an amazing, patient, and talented teacher. Mrs. Donna is able to adapt lessons to your child’s learning needs. She encourages and motivates children. She often “counsels” kids as they express frustrations during lessons, giving input on time management skills and scheduling their life to reduce their stress even helping them with it out on paper as a guideline for them at home. Casey started at age 5, she’s now 14 1/2 and still going. It’s fun hearing my girls play great songs so proficiently.
-Amy Jones Jackson

Alecia Jackson

We love Mrs. Donna. She makes it possible to keep three boys in piano lessons:-) The boys adore her and love learning new things!!! She provides excellent instruction at an affordable price.
Alecia Jackson

Casey Jackson

If anyone is looking for an INCREDIBLE piano (and now introducing, guitar) teacher who has a great deal, Mrs. Donna of the pianissimo studio is the place to go! I know I sound like a commercial, but this is from personal experience. mrs. Donna Truitt has taught me all I know, and I have been going for TEN years and still learning more and more every week! She is a great person and I trust her to the fullest extent! She has made such a huge impact in my life, including in things other than music! Part of my heart belongs to this studio and to this amazing teacher!!!
-Casey Jackson

Andrea Grant

Mrs.Donna is a great teacher! She’s very patient and able to keep even the busiest preschoolers attention. We plan on continuing classes with her to the next level.
-Andrea Grant (Parent Testimonials)

Theora Jamieson

This recital was really nice. After trying to interest 3 daughters and 1 grandchild in piano, I have finally discovered a piano instructor who makes it interesting and fun. Now that I have a great grand daughter, I’m at it again and she’s truly enjoying her time with Ms. Truitt. Thank you Donna!!
-Theora Jamieson

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