We live in a world full of innovation and ever-evolving technology. It is a fast-paced, multi-tasking world that changes constantly. Since I believe we need to teach students where they are in order to reach them. This Studio is always seeking creative ways to use technology and enhance the learning environment. The goal is to motivate each child to create and enjoy music their entire life!  When you research our “Lessons” tab, you will find a wide variety of innovative classes for piano lessons and music lessons. These should help your child become and stay involved with music-making. 

Lessons and classes are customized to each student using a wide variety of styles of music, as well as “off bench” activities. Activities away from the bench include everything from foundation skills to improvising. Also, are most often done using an iPad or being assisted by a mentor. We call this Lab time. Having an iPad to work with at home, with a quality instrument that is in tune, will help your child progress at double or triple the average rate. Once per month we will have Offbeat Week with group classes for all students.

Personalized and innovative instruction, pairing with older student mentors, utilizing the latest technology and teaching creative practice tips produces a very effective method of learning in this studio. My goal is to spark an interest that will develop over a lifetime of music study. Register today!


Donna Truitt (or more often, Mrs. Donna)